Roadtrip: Altus Grapefest


Nestled in the fertile hills beneath the Ozark Mountains lies one of my favorite places on earth.  Deep down a curvy road completely shaded by overhanging trees lies the community of Altus.  Altus is known for one thing and one thing only: it’s the home of Arkansas’ wineries.  The two biggest and oldest wineries make their home here (Post Familie and Wiederkehr) as well as several smaller wineries (Mount Bethel, St. James) and the newest and most elaborate (Chateaux Aux Arc pronounced “Ozark”…get it?).  I make a pilgrimage here each fall to amble through the wineries, visit the Subiaco Academy Monastery and hike around Mt. Magazine.  It’s always a wonderful way to welcome autumn.  Unfortunately, harvest time at the wineries is long gone by that time of year and I’ve never got to see them in full glory so I decided to change that.  Continue reading